The Lazy J 40

Even though the initial inspiration for the J40 came from a custom order for half a J80 (both in size and power level), it quickly evolved into the perfect platform for an amp that could combine the essence of both the J20 and the J80.

The goal was to build a 40 watt amp that would blend the harmonic richness of the J20 with the punch and warm headroom of the J80....and all in a handy 1x12 grab and go package.

The J40 is hand wired, with a finger jointed, solid pine cab...and just like the J20 and J80 it has four inputs, two (high/Low) for the Bright channel, and two for the Normal channel, with a separate Volume control for each channel.

The channels mix after the Volume controls, and the signal then runs into a single set of tone controls...Treble, Mid, Bass, and Presence. There are several switchable options to help achieve a terrific tonal and dynamic flexibility.

Like on the J80, there’s a Sensitivity control that adds harmonics and drive that will allow the amp to accommodate a great variety of requirements.

Combining all these options, the J40 can be big and clean, reminiscent of the Blackface era, or it can be thick and warm like the best of the Tweeds...

Of course the J40 is available with the optional Lazy J Reverb and Tremolo modules...

Lazy J amp

Guitar Player - November 2013
"Jesse Hoff hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but he has figured out how to make one that’s just about perfect. No wonder the big guns are buying them..."

Guitar & Bass - April 2012
"Jesse Hoff is no longer an underdog – with a client list that includes Beck, Bonamassa and Gilmour, you really can’t be – so he doesn’t need any favours from us. if the new 40 amp were a disappointment, we’d say so. it isn’t; it’s a successful combination of the sweetness and portability of the 20 with the room-shaking punch of the 80..."

Guitar Buyer - August 2011
"The J40 is not a variation on a theme, nor is it a clone. It has a feel and vibe all its own. All of its elements, such as the optional modules, hi/lo voltage switch, custom output transformer and Tayden speaker, come together with a sprinkling of magic to
deliver yet another truly stunning amplifier from Lazy J...."

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