The Lazy J 35

The J 35 is a 3x10 combo which is derived essentially from the J40 platform.

With its slightly lower output and easier drive capability, the J35 covers the space between the J20 and the J40.

It has a warm, clear bottom end, good headroom and when it drives, it has a lot of the harmonically rich J20 character.

Like the J 40, it has a full Tone Stack, with Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence, a Push/Pull Boost, Tweed/BF switch and Sensitivity Control, which controls the harmonic content in the output stage.

I built the first 3x10 J40 as a prototype for Pete Townshend, and after some tweaking it quickly became apparent that it was special in its own right… and so here it is, the J35.

Lazy J amp

Guitar & Bass - September 2014
"With a Gibson SG plugged into the normal channel, all the tone controls at halfway and Volume fairly low, it’s sweet, smooth and pure, and even at ‘barely awake’ levels there’s an easy, natural feel that makes you think the amp is part of the guitar and the guitar is part of you..."