The Lazy J10

Gear of the year winner 2018The J10 LC started out as a custom order for a 10 watt combo… and over a  period of 2 years it slowly changed into what it eventually became: The J20’s little brother.

Originally, because of the restrictions of a smaller cabinet and chassis, the J10 used a solid state rectifier and had just one channel. Then there were voices  asking  me if it would be possible to have 2 channels, like the J20... and a tube rectifier. So to satisfy my own curiosity, I built a J10LC (Large Cabinet)  prototype. And it just ticked all the boxes.

So, like the J20, the J10LC has two channels, Bright, and Normal… and 
like on the J20, they are interactive.

The amp comes with the VAC attenuator, mid boost and bass cut and a 
Celestion Alnico Blue as standard.

Reverb and Tremolo are optional add ons, as on all the other Lazy J 

Soundwise, the J10LC really straddles the line between home/studio use 
and smaller gigs.

For anyone who feels the J20 is a bit too much for the environment they 
usually play in, the J10LC will be perfect.

It delivers J20 tone and response, with all its harmonic complexity, but 
does it at a more manageable power level.

Because of the lower power level and choice of tubes, the J10LC has a 
bit more natural compression and drive which really makes it sing.

Lazy J amp


Guitar & Bass - Apr 2018
"In a boutique amp market that’s saturated with tweed clones, Jesse Hoff stands out because he has always sought to add his own twist to the classic recipe. Even without all the optional features, the J10 would be an exciting amp, but with the extras onboard, it’s ideal for practising at home, low volume jamming and easy recording. It’s the most enjoyable Lazy J amplifier we’ve played since the J20, and although it has softer bass and not as much punch, we might actually prefer it to Hoff’s flagship. Impressive stuff."